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T&T Productions Co. came into being in 2018 and is a Memphis-based wedding photography service. Tayler Junkin, the owner of T&T Productions, started this business by shooting his own wedding and posting it on his website; a load of praise for his work compelled him to turn his passion into a business and it was one of his best decisions to date. Trevor Hawthorne joined Tayler a year later and contributed a lot to boost the growth of the business. The photographs both Trevor and Tayler clicked were beautiful beyond words and all they needed to take their business to the next level was a website and logo revamp; to achieve this, Creative Labs was there to help them out.

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The Brief

Like every other successful business, what T&T productions wanted was a strong and aesthetically pleasing online presence. First impressions matter and both Tayler and Trevor wanted something that would get the visitors hooked to their website. Furthermore, they wanted something that spoke about their mission and goals as soon as visitors showed up on their website. T&T Productions’ website was not ranking very well due to its old design which affects the crawling process of the website. Creative Labs knew just the right steps that should be taken that would take the T&T Productions’ website to new heights. After communicating their needs and expectations with the Creative Labs team, all Trevor and Tayler had to do was wait for their new and responsive website.


Before we started working on the T&T Productions website, our main focus was to display their best works right at the beginning as evidence of their expertise and to keep the user interface as simple as possible because complex websites can multiply the bounce rate. Furthermore, we opted for soft colors like the ones people would associate with a wedding so that the website represented the purpose of the business. Moreover, we added call-to-action in all the best spots so that the visitor knows what he has to do in order to proceed. The addition of T&T Production’s philosophy and its background helped build a trustworthy relationship between the visitor and the business.


The website looked like a dream after the completion of its revamp. It provided all the necessary information about the company without overwhelming the visitor. With the simple navigation bar, the website looked extremely user-friendly and we made sure that it functioned just as well on mobile phones as it did on PCs. The new design was according to the new standards which helped in increasing the rank of T&T Production’s website on the search engine.

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