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Creating Strong Connections

The goal of brand strategy is to shape the perceptions of a brand’s audience so that ultimately we can influence them.With brand strategy we set out the plan for shaping those perceptions through different forms of expression both visual and verbal.

Effective Branding is Essential for Any Business

Whether it’s a small logo or a full brand identity, businesses need to have a clear vision for their branding in order to stay ahead of the curve. See how our branding expert can help you with your overall Brand Strategy.

How We Develop Brand Strategies To Grow Brands Online

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Please fill out this form to get started. The next steps are:

A brief call to get acquainted and discuss project scope, timeline, and budget (Book a Discovery Call). We’ll send a proposal and agreement. If approved, a standard 50% deposit* is required to begin. Remaining payment is due after the work is completed, net 15-30 days

*On larger projects, payment plans with milestones may be appropriate.

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Worksheet “homework” will kick off your project. These serve as a jumping-off point for future conversation, and to help organize your thoughts. Your answers don’t need to be polished, don’t worry.
Discovery Worksheet: questions about your history, competitors, and goals.Brand Personality Worksheet: quick exercises in a fillable/clickable PDF

Samples & Review

You’ll gather and send samples of your existing branding, if you have any, so I can see where we’re starting from and where improvements can be made. We'll have video meetings to talk over your worksheet and evaluate the materials and discuss moodboards.

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Based on Discovery insights, we’ll create several initial design concepts. We’ll present them in a screen sharing meeting, and send PDFs you can review again afterwards. Once the concepts are finalized we more into a the fourth phase of refinement and launch.

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Refinement & Launch

After selecting the best concept, we’ll refine it further if needed. A project scope includes 3 rounds of revisions. More are always available, billed at an hourly rate. (It usually takes less than 3 rounds per project component.)After approval of designs, we’ll create and deliver all final artwork files to you (and any vendors). A typical timeframe for branding is 4-6 weeks.

What Does Your Graphic Identity
Say About You?

We believe that your business success depends largely on your brand and how that brand is visually communicated to your target market through graphic design.

Logo design is the creation of a brand’s visual identity

Did you know that long-term memory contains icons and pictures, while short-term memory holds words?

One of the many benefits of having a logo is that it is so effective for brand recognition. It’s also critical to differentiate between a logo and a company’s brand. Clients don’t need to know who you are or what you do in order to trust you. Your brand does that, not your product or service.

According to studies, even children as young as three are able to recall well-designed logos. A well-designed logo may give you hope, joy, and even jealousy. Every aspect of the design, from the psychology behind color pick to how it connects with your intended market, is considered. Your logo should match your company’s image and messaging tone, whether it’s playful, conservative, or quirky.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to design and develop a new website?

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We follow a proven 90-day sprint from beginning to end to deliver the site. Each project is different and hence priced differently based on the requirements, integration, and timeline.

To understand the depth of the project we like to schedule a strategy call with you to talk about your goals and your current needs! This a no-pressure call to get the most accurate understanding of your project.

I currently have a website. Will my website be down while we work on the new site?

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No, instead of building a new site, we can set up a landing page that states your present one is "under development" if you prefer. We'll keep your current one running as it is while we work on yours. To maintain your Google rankings and avoid hurting your SEO, you should not completely destroy your website in either case.

What website platform do you work with?

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We design and develop websites using Webflow, Squarespace, and Shopify. If you're not sure which website platform is best for your business, contact us (hyperlinks to contact us) and we'll help you find the best platform for your needs.

Will this affect my current SEO ranking?

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The short answer is NO, before we start with your new website, we run an SEO audit on your current website and see how many pages are indexed and the source of your traffic. Before we deliver the new site, one of the things we do is that we create a permanent redirect to help with SEO and ranking to remain in the right place without affecting your current ranking.

Still Have Questions?