Recovery From Google Medic Update: A Guide

A billion people use Google's search engine every day, and getting to the top of their search results is a goal for practically every website on the Internet. Everybody has tried to make the algorithm work for them since Google first created it. Instead of only returning results that match a user's search, Google prefers to present the most authoritative websites to its visitors. 

We all know that Google is constantly updating its software, and this time around, it's no different. The new Medic Update has been released! With every update, there are some significant changes you'll need to be aware of if your business relies on the internet for its success.

Thus, it releases updates to improve its SERP positions. Unfortunately, the SEO business has not been made aware of these changes before their implementation, and they have not been discussed in detail. Thus, what do we know so far regarding the update? 

Google's Medic Update Algorithm 

On August 1, 2018, Google sent out a major algorithm upgrade. "Medic Update" has subsequently become a popular term for this update because it appears to have primarily affected medical-related websites. For example, 41.5% of the affected sites were health-related, compared to only 16% of the e-commerce sites and 10.8% of the business-related sites. Even so, you may have noticed some fluctuations in your keyword rankings following the upgrade in the other categories. In no way does this suggest that your present SEO approach has been penalized or that you have done anything illegal. If your competitors are gaining trust and authority faster than you are, it's because they've been prioritizing and focusing on that goal. 

Medic Update Google Is In Search Of?

Although we don't know the specific changes that have been implemented in the current update, fast analysis and deduction from the SEO industry have concluded that Google is now looking for trust and authority. If you want to rank higher, you'll need to pay attention to the quality and content on your site, as well as client reviews. 

How to Become Known and Trusted 

By creating and distributing material recognized as industry-leading, you may build trust and authority. Post articles that your readers will find exciting and valuable, in other words. You'll score higher in your industry or niche if you're more detailed about what you're talking about. In addition to your content strategy, you may use the following methods to establish credibility and trust with your audience: 

If you have a service or landing page, include connections to your material on the page. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that your material is authoritative and relevant to the topic at hand. 

Ensure that client reviews are prominently displayed on your target landing pages to build trust. To ensure that Google's algorithm bots can understand both the content on your pages and the reviews, you should add schema markup. Your authority and rating will rise as a result of these third-party evaluations. 

What Exactly Are We Doing To Help You Out? 

Google's algorithm adjustments are not a terrible thing, despite how aggravating they might be. They're just attempting to give their users a better search experience, which means those at the top of the search results will receive more trust and traffic. We'll look at how the update has affected our clients and devise a new approach to assist your rise in Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

We at Creative Labs had observed significant keyword variations on some of our clients' sites when Google's algorithm bots explored them. Sites with a page rank of 20 or above had even more of these swings. When Google's algorithms change, there will be fluctuations. These fluctuations help figure out what the new algorithm looks for. In this scenario, it appears like Google is searching for more relevant stuff. Since the Medic Update was implemented, we are conducting keyword mapping and content changes for all of our clients who have witnessed a fluctuation in keyword rankings. 

Things To Remember 

We'll be working on your SEO strategy to ensure that Google's following algorithm changes benefit you. The "medic update," as it's known informally, appears to be hunting for websites with a high level of trust authority. So we're going to help you develop your trustworthiness by: 

  • Creating unique and exciting material for your website that your visitors will find valuable. Your instructions and how-to articles will be in the form of guidelines and tutorials. 
  • This content will be linked to the service or a specific landing page. 
  • Customer reviews that may be viewed on service/target landing pages can help develop confidence. Afterward, we'll make sure that your customer reviews are properly schema-tagged so that Google's algorithm can find them.

Wrapping Up

To increase your domain authority and trust, you need to develop better and more appealing content linked to your business or niche. In addition to boosting your SERP ranks, a strong content strategy can also boost your content's organic engagement and shareability. We'll collaborate with you to create engaging content for your target audience. We'll design an audience profile, a list of subjects, and several forms of content to help you build your authority and value to your readers and customers. A keyword strategy and SEO optimization for each post are added to the preliminary work we've already done. You'll gain more credibility, engagement, and trust by doing this. With this new change, the better your content and user involvement, the higher your site will rise in the search results.

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