Google Keyword Planner: A Step By Step Guide

How To Use Google Keyword Planner

Google's keyword tool has been a favorite among marketers for years, but with the recent update it is now more powerful than ever. The updated interface makes targeting specific keywords easier and faster - helping you boost organic traffic while also improving your PPC campaign performance.

Google Keyword Planner: What Is It Good For?

The most acceptable Google search volume and Google keyword search tool is Google's Keyword Planner, and it's free to use if you have a Google Ads account. Using the Google keyword search volume data, you can quickly construct a list of effective keywords to use in your next campaign.

  • Creating an AdWords account

Google Ads account creation is the initial step for those who do not currently have one. You and your company can get by with just a few pieces of basic information. A Google AdWords campaign is required in order to access the Google monthly search volume tool, but neither a running campaign nor keyword payments are required.

  • The Keyword Planner can be found.

As soon as you've signed up for Google Ads, you'll be able to access the "Tools" icon. The Keyword Planner tool can be found under the Planning section from there.

  • New Keywords or Search Volume and Predictions?

You have two alternatives when you click on the Keyword Planner. For starters, create a list of "Discover new keywords" to assist you in better targeting your audience. With the second option, you can see how many times a particular term has been searched for on Google, as well as other crucial data surrounding your keywords, such as search volume Google trends that incorporate historical metrics and performance forecasting.

Despite its primary focus on PPC advertising, the tool is helpful in improving content and SEO.

  • The "Discover New Keywords" feature

If you're a beginner with keyword research, you should use this tool and need some inspiration or new ideas. "Start With Keywords" and "Start With a Website" are two ways to use this keyword discovery tool.

  • Begin with a List of Keywords

In order to get started with keyword research, simply enter relevant terms into your browser's search bar. Keep your efforts narrowly concentrated on one thing at a time for the best outcomes. It is possible to include more than one keyword in your ad copy—Press "Enter" after placing a comma between each term to add more than one.

It's possible to tailor your keyword search by language and area in order to gather a more targeted list of keywords that are more relevant to your audience.

  • Make a Website to Begin With

For a new PPC campaign, the keywords discovered by "Start with Keywords" can be pretty expensive because of the popularity of Google's Keyword Search Volume Tool and other prominent keyword finder tools.

The "Start With a Website" option can help you identify the best Google AdWords possibilities with minimal search volume. This is a terrific workaround. Finding a high-ranking URL from a competitor online is an excellent alternative. Websites, articles, and products could all be examples of this. Simply copy the URL and paste it into the box to do this. You have the option of having Google collect keywords from the entire site or only the page you entered.

When utilizing the Google Keyword Planner Tool, you may not notice these terms because they're not included in the tool's search results.

How Many People Are Searching for What on Google?

The Search Volume can be used. Using Google's keyword research tool, you may learn a lot about the phrases you're interested in and how they're performing. If you've used the discover new keywords tool, your collection of keywords should already be extensive. Start by copying and pasting this list into the search window and clicking "Get Started". The Keywords Results page appears as a result of this.

Using Google's Filtering and Sorting Options

Targeting choices are available on the Keyword Results page:

  • Location
  • Language
  • Using the Internet, to conduct your search 
  • The time span

"Add Filter" is another option.

It's easy to check if all of the keywords you're looking at have your primary keyword in them with Keyword Text! (valid for a service or product). If you're running an AdWords campaign, you may also filter out terms for which you're actively bidding, exclude phrases related to adult material, or exclude keywords with low average monthly searches or competition. When it comes to AdWords competition, you don't have to worry about it if you're using Google's monthly search volume tool for SEO or content marketing. Finally, you can use the Broaden Your Search option to include relevant terms.

Set up a connection between your Google AdWords and Search Console accounts.

Two essential filters to use on the most popular Google search terms can be accessed by connecting your Google Search Console account: Organic Impression Share and Organic Average Position. With the help of Organic Impression Share, you can see how many times a keyword search for your website results in an organic result. Likewise, the Organic Average Position tells you how high you're ranked in the search results for a given keyword.

How to Pick the Best Keywords

Search volume, commercial intent, and organic SEO competition can all be used to help you narrow down your list of potential keywords. However, using the "Search With a Website" tips to get impressive phrases with less AdWords competition should not be your only source of keyword ideas.

You may use Google search volume to obtain the exact impression. There are only a few steps involved:

  • Choose a term.
  • Click "Add to Plan."
  • Go to "Plan Overview" to see the monthly impressions.

Methods for Analyzing the Google Keyword and Search Volume

Your PPC, SEO, and even content marketing campaigns can benefit from Google's term and search traffic indexes. In addition, Google search query volume can help you learn more about the type of material that your target audience is searching for, while Google trends search volume can assist you in taking advantage of unusual opportunities as they arise. We at Creative Labs try our best to serve you in this as well. 

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