Google Panda Update – Optimization & Recovery 2020 Guide

How To Deal With Google Panda's Update 

We had no idea that 12% of worldwide web searches could be affected by one thing - an algorithm from Google in February 2011. The Panda update was released two months ago, which makes it so much more relevant for people who speak English as their first language too.

When it comes to Google's search results, Panda is a clear example of an essential fundamental change. But what was the point of it in the first place?

What You Need to Know About Google's Panda Update

Panda was more concerned with content that lacked authority and authentic methods. Therefore, the goal of the Google Panda SEO update was to penalize low-quality content and reward authoritative information by elevating it in the search results.

Panda will penalize SEO tactics that were not up to professional standards, sometimes referred to as "black hat." Black hat SEO strategies are defined as low-quality and spam-like to boost a page's search engine rankings by overdosing it with keywords. To avoid Panda updating SEO tactics, this shows a lack of quality content in favor of links and keywords.

Therefore, Panda's primary goal was to ensure that actual SEO practices were promoted and not devalued in favor of black hat strategies. This was done to help legitimate businesses and consumers looking for reliable information.

Aside from the numerous other updates that have impacted businesses and SEO services, this one focuses on the material that Panda wants to prioritize.

How Is Google Panda Differentiated from Low Quality?

According to Panda's instructions, a ranking component was needed to reward the best quality content and identify black hat practices. Google would use this ranking feature to evaluate which content merited its attention.

The following factors would be taken into account:

  • The use of keywords and verifying whether or not they were crammed is an essential part of SEO.
  • It's essential to look at the topic's depth and breadth while evaluating the quality of the content. For example, Panda would penalize a site if its content was too sparse.
  • A content's relevancy
  •  The Ad placements are too numerous.
  • The number of affiliate links
  • Web site credibility
  • The website or web page's authority
  • The credibility of the information
  • Ads and marketing in the material are how much manipulative factors are for readers.
  • Whether or if the provided hyperlinks lead to the intended web pages

It's easy to understand that this ranking criterion is specifically designed to recognize high-quality, authentic material and authority on the internet. Because of this, the Panda algorithm SEO is geared toward the best results.

How to Optimise Your Content for the Panda Update

For the sake of avoiding penalties, even companies and SEO firms who have always followed an organic and professional approach to SEO should reevaluate their content in light of Panda and Panda content analysis. Since Panda was released, many businesses and SEO specialists should take the time to check that all of the content is in line with the algorithm's ways and to backtrack and amend any previous content that does not comply with the new version. Additionally, panda duplicate content and any SEO thin content must be screened out before being submitted to search engines for ranking consideration.

Because Panda impacts how all content is evaluated, it's critical to have a system in place that checks every piece of content on a website. This is where professional services like Creative Labs can help, as we can describe precisely how your material must adhere to Panda's new and improved requirements.

Evaluators' Guidelines for Search Quality

The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines have also been updated as part of Panda's material evaluation. As a result, Google places a high value on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) in all material, which is considered when determining a site's search engine ranking.

Therefore, every piece of material should attempt to meet these three standards at all times.

Is Google Panda on your mind? Make an Appointment with Us

Our crew is well-versed in the Panda update, so you can rest assured that your content will always run effectively. Our SEO Panda recovery know-how and expertise, as well as our services tailored to any applicable Google update, such as Penguin and more, are at your disposal now. In addition, we can conduct a comprehensive audit of Google Panda and customize the keyword for Panda careers.

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