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About The Company

Advanced Spinal is a Shoreview-based chiropractic care service owned by Dr. John since 1992. Dr. John has an immaculate reputation when it comes to treating the different conditions with the help of chiropractic care, nutrition, and by offering his rehabilitation services to the patients. Moreover, Dr. John had the privilege to undergo training for dealing with various neurological disorders and fibromyalgia patients. The service provided by Dr. John is well-known in Shoreview, Minnesota as they have maintained a good reputation and have won awards for providing quality service to the patients. Dr. John and his team are exceptional at what they do; all they needed was a responsive and appropriately designed website to spread the word about their service and that’s when Advanced Spinal got in touch with Creative Labs.

The Brief

Launching your business online has a ton of benefits; therefore, the Advanced Spinal team realized that they had been utilizing a worn-out web design for far too long and it was time to hire a web designer for a change. After talking to the Advanced Spinal team, Creative Labs knew exactly what they expected the website to look like.
They wanted a website that showcased all their services and displayed all information such as the number of professional doctors and patients they were dealing with at the moment along with their opening and closing time for the convenience of people visiting a website.


We started by assigning suitable hues to a medical service-related website and ended up selecting navy blue and white as these colors are usually associated with clinics and medicine. We applied all the relevant web design tactics on Advanced Spinal’s website that helped in attracting a larger client base. Furthermore, we paid special attention to the layout and font because fiddling with these two can substantially affect how well any website does. The improved design and theme of the website helped in keeping the bounce rate low and it gave Dr. John’s clinic a consistent brand identity.


Stationary & Social Media

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We took all the steps that one could take to make a sub-par website into a new, shiny one and the results were astonishing. Dr. John’s clinic was now represented in a way that any visitor could get all the information without having to dig deep. The website also contained a little background information about Dr. John and Advanced Spinal; such transparency on the Advanced Spinal website also helped in creating a bond of trust for the visitor. The clinic saw a considerable difference in how well their business was doing after the formation of the new and upgraded website.


Lo-Fi Design

Advanced Spinal CareAdvanced Spinal CareAdvanced Spinal Care

Hi-Fi Design

Advanced Spinal CareAdvanced Spinal Care


Advanced Spinal CareAdvanced Spinal CareAdvanced Spinal Care