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About The Company

Care Hope College, situated in Jupiter, Florida, is a dedicated Christian institution that aims to sculpt the next generation of healthcare experts. The college's core mission is to empower students to address the comprehensive needs of patients, melding both their medical and spiritual needs, and to serve with compassion and dedication.

The Brief

The project brief for Care Hope College (CHC) outlined a comprehensive plan to revamp the college's digital presence. Recognizing the unique blend of CHC's Christian values and dedication to healthcare education, the brief emphasized creating an intuitive user experience, strengthening the college's online brand representation, optimizing for mobile users, and increasing web traffic with an engaged audience. By establishing clear objectives, deliverables, and timelines, the brief served as a foundational roadmap for the entire project, ensuring alignment between CHC's vision and the design execution. This meticulous planning aimed to provide CHC with a digital platform that truly resonates with its mission and caters effectively to its target audience.


Starting with low-fidelity wireframes, we mapped out the user journey on the website. It was essential to ensure that visitors could effortlessly navigate through course information, admission details, and the college's mission. These rough sketches provided a basic framework, focusing on functionality and user experience.

Post the Lofi phase, we transitioned to high-fidelity designs. Here, precision was key. We integrated rich graphics, vibrant images of campus life, and interactive elements, all while maintaining a serene and faith-inspired palette. Typography was chosen to be both elegant and readable, ensuring that the message of Care Hope College was clear and resonant.

In today’s digital age, mobile responsiveness isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. Recognizing this, our mobile design for Care Hope College was not just a downsized version of the desktop site. Instead, we tailored a unique mobile experience, ensuring that users on-the-go could access all essential features, from course listings to application forms, with ease.

Within just a few months of the website’s launch, Care Hope College witnessed a substantial uptick in web traffic. The intuitive design and mobile optimization ensured that prospective students could gather all the information they needed effortlessly. More importantly, the site resonated with the college's core audience – those seeking a blend of faith and healthcare education. This led to not only an increase in inquiries but also a more engaged and relevant audience, fulfilling the college's vision of being a beacon for aspiring healthcare professionals with a heart for service.


The digital forefront of any institution is its website. For CHC, ensuring that users find the information they seek effortlessly is paramount. An intuitive design aids in reducing bounce rates, increases time spent on the site, and encourages users to explore more about the college. When Creative Labs was approached by Care Hope College, our primary objective was to encapsulate the essence of the institution - the fusion of healthcare training and Christian values. Our design philosophy revolved around creating a cohesive brand image that was both modern and reflective of the college's faith-based foundation.

Care Hope College is not just an educational institution but also a beacon of Christian values in healthcare. Their online presence should resonate with this unique blend, fostering trust and aligning with the college's core ethos.

  • Create a design palette that reflects the serenity, dedication, and mission of a faith-based institution.
  • Use visuals, testimonials, and content that highlight the college's achievements, values, and community spirit.
  • Incorporate elements that resonate with the Christian faith, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the educational focus.

In our increasingly mobile-first world, the importance of a responsive website cannot be overstated. Prospective students and other stakeholders often access sites via mobile devices, and CHC should be prepared to serve them effectively.

  • Design with a mobile-first approach, ensuring the site looks and functions impeccably on smaller screens.
  • Test the website on various devices and screen sizes to ensure consistent performance.
  • Prioritize mobile load speeds, ensuring efficient use of media and optimized scripts to improve page load times.

A website's value is gauged not just by its design but also by its reach and engagement. CHC aims to attract potential students and stakeholders and engage them in a meaningful way.

  • Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to improve organic search rankings.
  • Use content marketing strategies, like blogging and articles, that address both healthcare and Christian topics to pull in a wider yet relevant audience.
  • Leverage social media and online advertising to drive targeted traffic.
  • Analyze website metrics regularly, optimizing based on user behavior and feedback.

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Design Outcome for Care Hope College (CHC) Website Redesign

1. Intuitive User Experience:Upon entering the revamped website, users were greeted with a clear and logical layout. Quick links and a simplified navigation menu allowed for easy access to key information such as courses, admissions, and the college's mission. The improved search functionality and user-friendly features ensured that users could find what they were looking for in fewer clicks, resulting in reduced bounce rates and increased overall user satisfaction.

2. Strengthened Online Brand Representation:The redesigned website truly encapsulated the essence of CHC. A serene and faith-inspired color palette, combined with visuals highlighting the college's community and values, offered an authentic representation of its unique blend of Christian ethos and healthcare education. Testimonials, achievements, and well-crafted content showcased the college's dedication to its mission, fostering trust among visitors and strengthening the CHC brand identity online.

3. Mobile Optimization:The mobile-first approach taken for the redesign ensured that the website performed seamlessly across a range of devices. Mobile users experienced fast load times, crisp visuals, and a responsive design that adjusted perfectly to various screen sizes. Features like easily accessible touchpoints, clear text readability, and optimized media ensured that the mobile experience was on par, if not better, than the desktop experience.

4. Increased Web Traffic and Engaged Audience:Post-redesign, CHC saw a significant uptick in website traffic. The incorporation of SEO best practices and relevant content marketing strategies meant that the site began ranking higher in search engine results. This drew in not just a larger audience but a more relevant one – individuals genuinely interested in a faith-based healthcare education. Social media integrations and targeted online advertising further expanded the site's reach, pulling in potential students and stakeholders and ensuring they were engaged through meaningful and pertinent content.

In conclusion, the design outcome for Care Hope College's website redesign was a resounding success. The new digital front not only aligned with the college’s core values but also enhanced the user experience manifold. Feedback from the college community, prospective students, and other stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, marking the redesign as a pivotal step in CHC's digital journey.


Lo-Fi Design

Care Hope College - Jupiter FLCare Hope College - Jupiter FLCare Hope College - Jupiter FL

Hi-Fi Design

Care Hope College - Jupiter FLCare Hope College - Jupiter FL


Care Hope College - Jupiter FLCare Hope College - Jupiter FLCare Hope College - Jupiter FL