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1 Months

About The Company

Creative Labs embarked on a mission to elevate the digital presence of Remnant Rising Church, a vibrant community dedicated to raising a godly remnant in Lynchburg, VA. Our goal was to create a brand and user experience that resonated with the church’s dynamic spirit and divine mission.

The Brief

The website guides visitors through a journey from discovery to engagement. Newcomers are welcomed with an inviting overview of the church’s mission, followed by easy access to service times and upcoming events. We integrated an interactive calendar and a straightforward contact form to foster community engagement and ease of communication.


Development and WordPress Integration

Our development team chose WordPress for its flexibility and user-friendly content management capabilities. We built a custom theme tailored to the church’s needs, incorporating features such as sermon uploads, event management, and donation processing. The site was optimized for speed and reliability, ensuring that users have a positive experience, whether they’re browsing on a desktop or a mobile device.

WordPress Integration:
We leveraged WordPress’s extensive plugin ecosystem to enhance the site’s functionality. From SEO tools to social media integration, we ensured that the church could maximize its reach and impact. The backend was customized to be intuitive for the church staff, allowing them to update content, post new events, and manage multimedia resources with ease.

Analytics and SEO:
Post-launch, we continued to support the church by monitoring website analytics, which informed ongoing SEO and content strategies. Our efforts resulted in increased web traffic, engagement, and a growing online congregation.


We began by crafting a visual identity that would encapsulate the church’s essence. The logo symbolizes unity and strength, with colors that reflect spirituality and passion. Our branding strategy was to ensure that every visitor would feel the church’s commitment to fostering a robust and faithful community.

Stationary & Social Media

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The partnership between Remnant Rising Church and Creative Labs has been a testament to the power of thoughtful branding, intentional UX/UI design, and robust WordPress development. The church now has a digital platform that truly reflects its mission to equip leaders and prepare a remnant army, ready for the challenges of the modern world.


Lo-Fi Design

 Remnant Rising Church Website Remnant Rising Church Website Remnant Rising Church Website

Hi-Fi Design

 Remnant Rising Church Website Remnant Rising Church Website


 Remnant Rising Church Website Remnant Rising Church Website Remnant Rising Church Website