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About The Company

Balmin Bingham is a Chicago-based wedding photographer who has a passion for capturing the most precious moments of his client on their special day. Capturing candid moments of the bride and groom on their special day be it on the altar or at the after-party is a part of Balmin’s talent. He does not stop clicking photographs until he gets the best and most aesthetically pleasing pictures. Further, he tries his best to keep his jolly personality on when he’s around the couple so that they feel comfortable around him. What Balmin needed was a space to display his talent and his worn-out website was not the ideal place to do it. So, he approached Creative Labs to get the job done professionally.

The Brief

The first thing every photographer tells us to do when revamping their website is to use light colors so that the website exudes wedding vibes as soon as it gains a visitor. Balmin wanted us to shift our entire focus on visual appeal because that’s what matters the most in the photography business. Further, he wanted us to put up some of his best works on display on the website so that the visitor gets an idea of how he works. The primary goal of Balmin was to spread the word about his business so he asked us to put up his social media handles on the websites as well so that visitors don’t have to look it up separately.


First, we selected the right combination of light colors as suggested by Balmin for the website and then the second aspect which required a significant amount of focus was the layout of the website. Nobody likes a website that is crammed with photos and text so we decided to fit just the right amount of text and photographs for Balmin’s photography business website. We included a review section that helped visitors see what Balmin’s previous clients thought about working with him and we added the photographs of every couple who left a review. Further, the addition of galleries made a lot of difference for Balmin’s website as it allowed the visitors to explore whatever type of photography they preferred. Lastly, the background information about Balmin and his business helped in creating a bond of trust between him and the potential client.


Stationary & Social Media

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The final look of the website that we achieved had everything one could ask for in a wedding photography website. Balmin was delighted to see how hard Creative Labs had worked to make the website he had expected. The website didn’t just give him a space to display his work but also improved its ranking in the search engine so that Balmin could get access to an even larger audience


Lo-Fi Design

Balmin Bingham PhotographyBalmin Bingham PhotographyBalmin Bingham Photography

Hi-Fi Design

Balmin Bingham PhotographyBalmin Bingham Photography


Balmin Bingham PhotographyBalmin Bingham PhotographyBalmin Bingham Photography