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About The Company

Between The Lines Car Detailing is a full-service car detailing business that offers a wide range of detailing services, including auto detailing, paint correction, and window tinting. To achieve the right branding and logo design for their business, Between The Lines worked with Creative Labs to create a modern and sleek brand identity.

The Brief



The objective was to create a cohesive brand image that would attract customers from all over the region. To do this, the team chose a simple but effective logo design that easily identifies Between The Lines as an authorized car detailer. They also developed color schemes and fonts suitable for print materials (such as brochures), website designs, social media profiles, and phone cases/applications. Overall, the goal of Branding & Logo Design for "Between The Lines Car Detailing" was to create an engaging and recognizable brand that will help them reach new customers throughout the region!

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When designing the site for Between The Lines, we wanted to create a website that appealed to both local and global customers. We also wanted the site to be easy to access from any device - whether you're on your phone or tablet.
To achieve these goals, we opted for an uncluttered layout with big fonts and images that are easy to see and understand. We also designed separate pages for each of our services (cleaning, polishing, waxing), so visitors can easily find what they need without having to scroll through long menus. Additionally, we built custom templates for each service category so everything looks consistent and organized. Finally, we implemented Google Maps so customers can view directions and map locations in real time!
Overall, our goal was simple: To create a Website that is user-friendly and attractive enough to bring in new clients consistently!
Our method was to use responsive web design (RWD). RWD is a type of design that allows websites to be viewed on any device, regardless of the size or resolution. This makes it easy for businesses to target their content specifically towards users who are using mobile devices.


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Between The LinesBetween The LinesBetween The Lines

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Between The LinesBetween The Lines


Between The LinesBetween The LinesBetween The Lines