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About The Company

Bingham solutions is a Chicago-based IT company and they do not compromise when it comes to fixing their client’s IT problems. They come up with solutions that are permanent instead of suggesting a temporary fix. Furthermore, they value the trust of their clients and ensure that they receive quality service from their side. Bingham Solutions came into being in 2011 and has been providing IT support to various businesses in Chicago successfully since then. They have 25+ experts along with 800 technicians that work with dedication to become one of the best in their field. Their main focus is their client’s satisfaction which they successfully achieve with the help of impeccable communication skills. All they needed was a revamp for their existing website and to help with that, they contacted Creative Labs.

The Brief

Before we start working on any project it is a priority to discuss any and every aspect of the project with the client to ensure the best results. Therefore, we set up regular meetings with Bingham Solutions to understand what they wanted their website to look like and what kind of features they would like to include. Furthermore, Bingham Solutions’ old, sub-par website wasn’t doing very well when it came to ranking which indicated that it needed a new web design and latest features asap. The staff at Bingham Solutions was quite cooperative and had immaculate communications skills which helped us understand their perspective very well.


We began the designing process by taking the services offered by Bingham Solutions into consideration so that we could decide on a suitable color combination for the website. Since the website was IT-related we decided to go with a combination of purple and white and the layout of the website was according to our client’s needs. We made sure that the website was SEO optimized so that Bingham Solution could get access to a larger potential client base. We created a simple yet creative logo that suited the purpose and goal of Bingham Solutions very well. Finally, the website was complete and ready to be launched by the due date.


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After showing the website to Bingham Solutions’ team, they were delighted to see that every requirement they communicated had been taken care of and their website’s ranking had improved significantly. Bingham Solutions was able to close more clients after the website revamp which resulted in boosted revenue which is the main goal of every business. The website functioned smoothly on both PCs and mobile phones and we made sure that the website wasn’t messy and didn’t cause the visitors to squint their eyes in order to read something.


Lo-Fi Design

Bingham SolutionsBingham SolutionsBingham Solutions

Hi-Fi Design

Bingham SolutionsBingham Solutions


Bingham SolutionsBingham SolutionsBingham Solutions