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About The Company

Carl’s work is about capturing the un Armour moments in life. He strives to make your memories last forever, so you can feel what it was like when they happened and always remember them with love. For him, there’s nothing more important than making an effect on someone else by sharing their story through his images, whether it is a wedding or just family pictures at home. He is a Los Angeles-based wedding photographer who’s willing to travel to capture your special day. In addition, Carl’s love for nature forced him to see the REAL outdoors. This gave him a great understanding of how light works and how to use it to his advantage. He also has an eye for detail and loves to capture people’s emotions. Wedding photography is all about capturing those moments that you will never forget. Carl does this by using his creative eye and understanding of light. He will work with you to ensure that your photos reflect your personality and style. He knows how important your wedding day is and will do everything to ensure that you have the best pictures possible.

The Brief

Carl wanted to give his website a more creative and engaging look with the use of different colors. After considering all aspects, he decided on pastel shades for each section which helps him stand out from other photographers online who have similar styles; this also complements well against Carl’s natural aesthetic tone as it ties in nicely without being too overwhelming or garish.


The website has different sections for Carl’s biography, his artwork, and contact information. The biography section has a light background with black text. It includes a brief introduction to Carl, his artistic influences, and some of his notable achievements. The artwork section has a pictorial background with white text. These colors are complementary to each other and provide a balance on the website. The contact information section has a light peach background with dark peach text. This provides a contrast that is easy to read. The website is designed with a sleek, modern look that makes use of clean lines and muted colors. This gives the site a sophisticated and polished feel, while also ensuring that it remains easy to navigate. The homepage features a large slider area that allows Carl to showcase his latest photography, as well as a prominently placed call-to-action button. This ensures that visitors are quickly drawn in and can easily learn more about what Carl does and how they can get involved. The website also makes use of a custom blog system, which will allow Carl to keep his customers up-to-date on the latest news and happenings in his business. The biography section includes a brief summary of Carl’s life, as well as a timeline of his major accomplishments. The artwork section showcases a selection of Carl’s paintings, with accompanying descriptions. The contact section provides various means of getting in touch with Carl, such as an email address and number.


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Carl’s website is one-of-a-kind, and we’re glad to have been able to help him create it. His business offers unique photography services for people who want their moments beautifully colored without the fuss. Carl was searching high & low when he came across our creative agency because all of his requirements were quite specific: He wanted an attractive yet professional layout that would reflect well on him as well; luckily Creatives Lab pulled off this feat with ease by designing just what Carls desired.


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Carl Bringas PhotographyCarl Bringas PhotographyCarl Bringas Photography

Hi-Fi Design

Carl Bringas PhotographyCarl Bringas Photography


Carl Bringas PhotographyCarl Bringas PhotographyCarl Bringas Photography