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About The Company

Charlene Mann is a Nashville-based wedding photographer with a never-ending passion for capturing two people in love on their special day. She treats her clients like her friends and she also says that the couple she shoots is her muse and priority which helps her get the best photos almost effortlessly. Charlene has such a charming personality that it doesn’t take long for the couple to become comfortable with her and her camera. Charlene kickstarted her business almost ten years ago and now it is booming but the only thing that was missing was a responsive and nicely designed website. So, Charlene contacted Creative Labs to revamp her old website into one that would not only look nice but also boost her business’ growth.

The Brief

According to Charlene, weddings are very peaceful events and everything feels like a dream when you attend a wedding; therefore, she wanted us to go for a light theme that would compliment her portfolio and would appear appealing in the eyes of visitors. Further, she wanted us to include a captivating Call-to-action as it lets the visitor know what the next steps are. Another aspect that Charlene stressed was the speed of the website. A lagging and slow website skyrocket the bounce rate; so, it is crucial to make sure the website, especially the photography one because they have a load of pictures, doesn’t take too long to load.


We noted down everything Charlene wanted us to pay attention to and now it was time to get started. We began by selecting a wedding-appropriate color scheme that did not overwhelm or strain our eyes. Furthermore, we selected a neat design and layout so that the website is easy to scan and does not confuse Charlene’s potential clients. Charlene’s website needed some serious SEO tactics to perform well in the search engines. So, the Creative Labs team utilized their knowledge and skill set to increase the ranks of her website. Lastly, we made sure that her website worked well on both laptops and mobile phones, and we also made the website compatible with different browsers to avoid any problems in the near future.


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After reviewing, Charlene was over the moon that not only did Creative Labs follow each and every instruction she had given but they also made an extra effort for the growth of her business and website. The design, layout, font of the website went well with the overall theme and there was a considerable increase in the traffic due to the application of new SEO strategies. Charlene was able to welcome more clients and was thankful to the Creative Labs team for the amazing work.


Lo-Fi Design

Charlene Mann PhotographyCharlene Mann PhotographyCharlene Mann Photography

Hi-Fi Design

Charlene Mann PhotographyCharlene Mann Photography


Charlene Mann PhotographyCharlene Mann PhotographyCharlene Mann Photography