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About The Company

Emelyn-productions is a Boston-positioned wedding photographer and an amazing person to work with. She has a magical eye for finding a perfect angle with fabulous lighting. She has the ability to interpret the vision of the client in a way that is non-intrusive and natural. Holds nearly 5 years of working experience with great variety in order to tackle any photography job quickly and effectively. She always makes sure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying their experience. She believes that attention to detail and professionalism are the key points of photography, most importantly, she is an extremely personable individual, with an artistic eye. Evelyn has the potential to conduct a photoshoot with patience and kindness that really sets the tone of the shoot. In order to be known among people, she chose Creative Labs to create her Website and display her art for everyone

The Brief

Evelyn wants people, regardless of race, religion, or culture, to harmoniously live and work together in the future. She used Creative Lab’s services to showcase her art online. She wanted a unique website that attracts healthy amounts of traffic and we at Creative Labs knew how to fulfill all her requirements. With photography in mind, we made a variety of design layouts, and ease of use with a decent background. As a result of this website, Evelyn now has a larger client base as compared to her previous one.


In order to create a website we always pick a template that we love. According to one study, 75% of website credibility comes from design. We always try to shine through the photos. We made a theme with photographers in mind that are sure to have the best tools and features for the site. We made sure the website is mobile-friendly so that layouts adjust on every screen. We made sure that she wanted a light theme for her Website and we are on point on that.


Stationary & Social Media

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Our Creative Labs team is pleased that Emelyn chose us to make her website to portray her art online. We tried to fulfill every minor detail that she mentioned as our aim is to always provide our clients with something higher than their expectations. According to her requirement, she wanted a light theme to portray her photographic art and connect with the audience. We had separate sections for Emelyn so she could share her raw ideas and emotions with the clients and we made sure that she received the same thing she wanted.


Lo-Fi Design

Emelyn ProductionsEmelyn ProductionsEmelyn Productions

Hi-Fi Design

Emelyn ProductionsEmelyn Productions


Emelyn ProductionsEmelyn ProductionsEmelyn Productions