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About The Company

Enoh Weddings is a Dallas-based wedding photography service managed by Michael Enoh who has a unique way of looking at things. Michael Enoh always captures couples from an entirely unique perspective which makes his photography quite distinct from the other photographers. His photos speak for themselves as they do not have those traditional poses or the old, weary angles; instead, by looking at the photos captured by Micheal, people get to see the angles and the story-telling photographs that were left undiscovered before. Michael opted for the Creative Labs to give a little glow-up to his existing website in order to attract more traffic and showcase his work in a better and more appealing way.

The Brief

Michael Enoh had a boatload of aesthetic wedding pictures but what he required was a beautiful space to display them. That’s when Micheal Enoh got in touch with our team at Creative Labs and we discussed all the things he wanted to include in his website that will make the pictures bloom. Michael Enoh communicated his expectation in a very well-mannered way that Creative Lab did not take long to create a mental picture of his idea. Furthermore, in order to expand his business, his website needed to be on par with other competitors. After photographs, it is the photographer’s website that tells a lot about how great he is at his job and we made sure that the world knew how talented Micheal was with the help of our expertise.


Michael Enoh finds momentousness even in the most ordinary situations; it is one of his talents, so we tried to make his website a unique one. We decided to paint the entire website white with black fonts and a dash of yellowish hue in the spots that needed highlighting for a change. further, we added the slideshow of Micheal’s finest works on the home page which gave it an elegant and artistic touch. We also added some reviews from the previous clients along with their photographs captured by Micheal Enoh to serve as evidence of Micheal’s skill. Lastly, our main focus was to keep the website easily accessible on PCs as well as mobile phones because nobody likes a messy website.


Stationary & Social Media

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After working on all the requirements stated by Micheal Enoh, the results were almost impeccable. The website revamps worked out well for Enoh photography as it was able to gain more audience due to the appropriate application of the right SEO strategies. Moreover, the aesthetic and attractive appearance of the website also plays a huge role in captivating visitors’ attention. After comparing the previous version of Enoh photography’s website with the one created by Creative Labs, Enoh realized that he made the right decision of giving his website a revamp and hiring Creative Labs to do the job.


Lo-Fi Design

Enoh WeddingsEnoh WeddingsEnoh Weddings

Hi-Fi Design

Enoh WeddingsEnoh Weddings


Enoh WeddingsEnoh WeddingsEnoh Weddings