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About The Company

Grace is a film wedding and lifestyle photographer running her business from California. Running a photography business is never easy, but Grace makes it look effortless. As a film photographer, she has a keen eye for detail and composition. But what sets her apart is her ability to connect with her clients. Grace has a natural ability to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. She has a warm and friendly personality, which comes across in her images. Her clients often say they feel like they’ve known her for years, even if they just met. This is what makes Grace such an incredible photographer. She’s not just a photographer – she’s a friend. And her clients appreciate that more than anything. Grace has been working as a professional photographer for over ten years. During that time, she has photographed weddings, engagements, families, and children worldwide. She is an experienced photographer who knows how to capture the perfect moment. She can capture the essence of her subjects and tell their story through her images.

The Brief

Grace has been in the photography business for many years now. Her work has been showcased on many websites, including lemonade and lenses and 100 layer cake. She asked us to make her a website that doesn’t take about words only. Her idea was to bring something worth the client’s attention with her years of hard work. After a lot of thinking, we decided that the best way to showcase her work was through an image gallery. The images are in a grid layout with swipeable effects.


We started by giving her website a white background that doesn’t hide away her shots. We then used a grid-based layout to display her portfolio shots. We added a menu below her grid-based portfolio shots, and we have managed to give her website a timeless look. The logo is a mix of two fonts and a visually appealing design. We have added About and Portfolio on the ‘Menu’ bar together. Grace’s about page is simple and to the point. It tells you everything you need to know about her as a photographer. We have also added a little bit of personality by adding a few of her favorite things. Her portfolio is a grid-based layout that displays her beautiful shots. We have added a sidebar with social media links and contact information. After answering the essential questions in FAQ, we have added the journal page. The journal is a great way to keep in touch with her clients and update them on her latest work. Besides that, we have specially added a Bride Reviews page. Anyone who still has second thoughts about her photography skills can easily set an appointment on the next page.


Stationary & Social Media

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The expert web developers at Creative Labs have taken into consideration her requirements. She didn’t want too much context on the home page, which we firmly catered to. The website is clean and easy to navigate. Overall, the design is beautiful and will make a great first impression on potential clients. The website is responsive and has an amazing design.


Lo-Fi Design

Grace Aston PhotographyGrace Aston PhotographyGrace Aston Photography

Hi-Fi Design

Grace Aston PhotographyGrace Aston Photography


Grace Aston PhotographyGrace Aston PhotographyGrace Aston Photography

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