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About The Company

Christora is a Kentucky-based photographer who specializes in senior photoshoots. Her company, Green Apple Seniors, is specifically based on capturing senior year portraits. Christora provides photography for yearbook photos, portraits, and other related needs. Christora offers this unique service that is becoming more popular with each passing year- the “senior session.” For this, she takes her clients to interesting and beautiful locations around Kentucky for a photoshoot that captures their personalities and interests. This is an excellent way for seniors to commemorate their time in high school and to have some amazing photos to look back on.

The Brief

Her bespoke senior year portraits asked for minimalistic yet warm touch to the website. Her welcoming personality asked for something that would get her clients immediately in contact with her. The website developers at Creatives Lab used a similar approach to the design, with a light-colored background and clear font, as well as big buttons and icons Her style is very relaxed while also maintaining a level of professionalism, which is perfect for those who are looking for a photographer who can make them feel comfortable while still getting great photos. We gave her a website is a great reflection of her personality and style.


Christora’s idea of a website was minimalistic, and as such, it would be a five-page site. The front page features an image captured by Christora that will be updated periodically with a new photo. Below the image is a short blurb about Christora and what she did, followed by swipable pictures of recent senior year shots. She wanted the website to feel personal, like she was speaking directly to the reader, and so she avoided using a formal tone. Christora also wanted the website to be easily navigable, so we made sure to include clear links to all of the site’s content. In the “About” section, Christora wrote a longer story about her, detailing her life and how she became the person she is today. The “Portfolio” section is a collection of Christora’s best photos. The “Contact” section includes Christora’s contact information and a link to a map of her location. Lastly, the “Links” section provides links to Christora’s social media accounts which are right below every page. Her website is simple but effective, and it would perfectly reflect their personality. Christora is a creative individual who loves photography, and so their website would be beautiful and unique. Green Apple Seniors website is a great example of how you can create a personal website without spending a lot of money or time.


Stationary & Social Media

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The team at Creative Lab took this opportunity to showcase their talent. Christora’s website redesign was a huge success and the team at Creative Lab played a pivotal role in making it happen. The website is now ranking on the top pages of search engines and the number of visitors has increased manifold. The website is now better than ever before and the team at Creative Lab truly deserves all the credit.


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Green Apple SeniorsGreen Apple SeniorsGreen Apple Seniors

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Green Apple SeniorsGreen Apple SeniorsGreen Apple Seniors