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About The Company

Hunter’s passion for photography led him to focus on one niche: small and intimate celebrations. As an adventure wedding photographer, he helps couples who want to get married on the go! He lives on this motto: Have stories to tell, not things to show, by filling your lives with adventures. His skills have made him infamous around the area, and couples continuously approach him to photograph their weddings or engagements. Despite being a self-proclaimed introvert, Hunter has a way of making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. This was evident when he photographed intimate weddings. He manages to capture beautiful moments without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Hunter’s photography style can be described as candid and timeless. He prefers to capture natural moments as they happen instead of posing for his clients. This approach gives his photographs a unique and organic feel. Many of his clients have praised him for his ability to capture the essence of their relationship in his photos.

The Brief

Hunter’s idea of photography demanded a detailed review of his photography skills and, at the same time, wanted to distinguish himself from the rest of the photographers. He firmly believed that a photographer must capture the decisive moment and must be able to show their unique perspective. The Creative labs had a clear understanding of Hunter’s idea and put forward a website that was specifically designed to his taste. The website had an attractive layout and used an unconventional pastel background that set it apart from other photography websites. Currently, his website has helped him put forward his idea as a photography business owner who takes pride in helping people make more memories.


To make sure we withstood the hunter’s idea of a photography website, we only put three colors with an attractive yet readable font. His dark and serious tone gives the website more of a playful feeling. In Contrast, we used dark beige as the main header color to show excitement and liveliness. The website is easy to navigate with simple click-throughs on each page; we want people to see our work without any trouble. We also included some fun images and graphics to break up the text and make it visually appealing. Overall, we think our design is user-friendly and inviting, reflecting our unique brand. The home page had a large banner with Hunter’s name and a brief introduction to his work. It also showed some of his best photographs and directed the viewer towards his portfolio page. The portfolio page had a grid of his work, with click-through buttons to view the images in more detail. There was also a “contact” tab with Hunter’s contact information. The “about” page had a brief introduction to Hunter and his work, as well as some photos of him from his travels. The “blog” page showed all of Hunter’s latest posts, and the “gallery” page displayed a selection of his best images. We used a playful font for the website titles and headings and the text on the buttons. The body text was kept simple and easy to read, with a light orange background to match the header. We used light grey for the text on the buttons and the sidebar text.


Stationary & Social Media

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At Creative Labs, we have the skills and experience to make a website that looks great and functions well. Hunter had a few specific requests for his website. He wanted it to be mobile-friendly, so we made sure the website looked great on any device. We were confident that Hunter would be happy with his new website. We were right – he was thrilled with the results.


Lo-Fi Design

Hunter Kittrell PhotographyHunter Kittrell PhotographyHunter Kittrell Photography

Hi-Fi Design

Hunter Kittrell PhotographyHunter Kittrell Photography


Hunter Kittrell PhotographyHunter Kittrell PhotographyHunter Kittrell Photography