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About The Company

Jake Timms Photography is a Cornwall-based wedding photography service that locks your wedding’s beautiful moments in the most aesthetically pleasing way. According to Jake Timms, photographs are a legacy and such legacy is supposed to be alluring so that you could relive the moments over and over again when you look at the photos in the future. Finding the perfect moment between couples on their special day is Jake’s passion. The only thing keeping Jake’s photography business from seeing its heyday was the lack of a properly themed website. So, Jake contacted Creative Labs to revamp their website and create a brand new logo for them.

The Brief

Jake Timms had all the talent one would need to click a photograph and now it was our responsibility to provide him with an appropriate space to showcase his work. After several meetings to discuss their expectations and needs, we created a plan that would give us the best outcome that will fit perfectly for a wedding photography website. All thanks to Jake’s polished communication skills, there wasn’t even a little bit of confusion during the entire designing process. Furthermore, talking to Jake made the goals of the business even more clear which contributed significantly to the designing process.


While designing the website for JAke Timms, there were three things that were given a significant part of our attention; user interface, call-to-actions, and navigation bar as these three elements are the ones of most importance. Converting Jake’s sub-par site into a shiny new one was a fun process and within no time Creative Labs created what Jake had only described to us. Further, we only showcased some of Jake’s best work so that the viewers are not overwhelmed by the abundance of photographs on the website; in such situations, less is more. Lastly, we added a review section where visitors can find praises for Jake’s work all in one place along with their photographs. In short, the entire home page was filled with pieces of information that usually potential clients require. We opted for a black navigation bar with Jake Timms photography’s elegant logo in the center for a better user experience.


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Once the website was ready, the vast difference between the older version and the new version was obvious. It didn’t just exude pleasant vibes but also earned Jake a boatload of praises for his exceptional work which led to the conversion of many potential clients. Moreover, the Creative Labs team made sure that Jake’s website spoke like a human instead of a robot; therefore, the inclusion of Jake’s thoughts about photography proved to be an extremely beneficial addition to the website. Furthermore, all pictures included on the website were selected by the Creative Labs’ team so that they matched the theme of the website. All in all, the website boosted Jake Timm’s photography business considerably.


Lo-Fi Design

Jake Timms PhotographyJake Timms PhotographyJake Timms Photography

Hi-Fi Design

Jake Timms PhotographyJake Timms Photography


Jake Timms PhotographyJake Timms PhotographyJake Timms Photography