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About The Company

Besides Justine’s remarkable work as a realtor, her commitment towards her discerning clientele makes her outstanding. She stands out among Portland realtors for her returning customers and honesty. No matter what the market is doing, Justine strives to stay ahead of current trends and provide her clients with the best information possible. She also has extensive knowledge of the local neighborhoods, so she can help her clients find the perfect home for their needs. Not being too pushy, Justine allows her clients to take their time in finding what they are looking for. Her relaxed demeanor and vast knowledge of the real estate market are reassuring to those new to the process.

The Brief

When Justine heard that creating a website was going to be difficult and not as simple, she knew who would have the experience needed. Creatives Lab built her an interactive realtor site with all of Portland Region’s updated listings in one place for easy access. The website isn’t basic, but it is easy to use and navigate. It includes all of the information Justine wanted to share with potential clients, as well as a gallery of her work.


Her website is more client-befitting than about her. Justine’s work experience as a realtor wanted more attention on her listings and competent market rates. The team at creatives lab put the missing pieces together for her website. We started with a minimal background having two colors only. She wanted to make the front page where clients could approach Justine or find their listings. So, at the top right corner, we put her number. Coming down, the colors start to disappear and it shows three options that the members can use to either buy or sell their property. The idea wasn’t limited to her. The text colors are lively and easy to read. They are combined with the right images to support the claims. Additionally, we used a professional font. As a result, the website looks clean and well designed The home page also has an ‘about us’ section that is written in a friendly way. It tells the story of Justine and how she works. Additionally, it has a list of services that the company offers which makes it easier for the clients to know what they are looking for. At the bottom of the page, there are social media links that the clients can use to follow the company. Overall, the website is easy to navigate and it provides all the necessary information that clients might be looking for. It has a modern and professional design that makes it stand out from other websites in the same industry.


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Justine’s website came out to be the artwork. Her work as a realtor is showcased on the front page. The website opens up with a prominent listing slider and her bio below it. Scrolling down, visitors can find out the listings Justine has, more about the company, and how to contact her. There is also a blog where she writes about real estate topics and a page with testimonials from happy clients. Justine’s new website is now live, and it’s already getting a lot of positive feedback. It’s easy to see why – the website is sleek and modern, and it showcases Justine’s listings perfectly. Plus, the website is responsive, so it looks great on all devices.


Lo-Fi Design

Justine Syck RealtorJustine Syck RealtorJustine Syck Realtor

Hi-Fi Design

Justine Syck RealtorJustine Syck Realtor


Justine Syck RealtorJustine Syck RealtorJustine Syck Realtor

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