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About The Company

Kate is an exceptionally talented photographer based in Utah. She specializes in weddings and engagement photos and has a talent for delivering timeless and classic photos that will be cherished for generations. Kate is also highly skilled in working with natural light, which results in beautiful, romantic images. In addition to her photography skills, Kate is also a very friendly and personable individual who makes her clients feel at ease. Her professionalism and passion for her work are evident in every photo she captures.

The Brief

Katelyn wanted her website to be the exact reflection of her personality which is bold and confident while displaying the luxury that she sells. She also wanted to have a website to build credibility through social media presence. She needed a website that would contain pictures of luxury properties to attract the customers and her own picture to build a bond of trust with her viewers. Also, she needed to connect with the buyers and sellers separately. We understood her requirements well and delivered accordingly.


After proper consultation and understanding the nature of her business and her requirements. We began the designing and development process. We chose lighter tones of red and black for her website. We also added pictures of the properties she deals in. We ensured that all pictures used are of high quality since we needed to attract high ticket clients. We also added her own pictures to create a personal connection with the website visitors, since people connect and trust quickly when they get to know the face behind the business. We added a search bar to let people search according to their requirements. Also, we created separate pages for buyers and sellers in order to keep things smooth. We also chose to add testimonials, again, to build credibility and trust. We added a blog page so she can make her website SEO Optimized later. We tried our best to depict her personality through her website. We also ensured that people have clarity about her business while scrolling through the website. Moreover, we made sure that the website is user-friendly, especially works well on mobile phones; since most people use websites on their smartphones.


Stationary & Social Media

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The ultimate goal of Creative Labs is to render their clients satisfied. And we are glad that Katelyn was completely satisfied and happy with our work. We delivered her work on time and made sure she kept receiving technical support even after the completion of the website. From choosing a color palette to uploading pictures. Or from choosing the layout to writing the content. We did everything while keeping the personality and nature of her business in mind. Thus, the end results were completely aligned with her brand. This ended up with her getting more clients and a stronger online presence. She herself stated that her clientele increased after launching her website designed and developed by Creative Labs. Her website also helped her on other social platforms, since the website makes businesses look credible.


Lo-Fi Design

Katelyn KeddingtonKatelyn KeddingtonKatelyn Keddington

Hi-Fi Design

Katelyn KeddingtonKatelyn Keddington


Katelyn KeddingtonKatelyn KeddingtonKatelyn Keddington