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Project Scope:

Webflow Design

Wordpress Design

UI/UX Design

Funnel Design

1 Month

90 Days

About The Company

Keeping up with the political news can feel like a full-time job.

It’s easy to miss details and facts in our fast-paced lives.

Tea With George creates space for complex and nuanced political conversations in just 1 minute.

The Brief



When developing the Tea With George brand, we had to take into account a few key factors when it came to branding and logo design. The brand colors had to be cohesive first and foremost, matching the hues of the American flag. Second, the logo needed to be simple and effective, as well as ensuring that it is relevant.

Stationary & Social Media

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The Tea With George Podcast UI/UI design segment was designed with optimization and consistent visual style throughout the project. The goal was to create a look and feel that is both modern and professional, while still being friendly and accessible. To achieve this, various elements were used throughout the project, from custom fonts to complementary colors harmony. Overall, the goal was to make sure each component matched perfectly together so that everything flows seamlessly as one cohesive unit. It was important that all elements - from fonts to colors – looked cohesive and harmonious so that users would feel comfortable navigating the pages no matter their familiarity with design conventions or not.


Lo-Fi Design

Tea with GeorgeTea with GeorgeTea with George

Hi-Fi Design

Tea with GeorgeTea with George


Tea with GeorgeTea with GeorgeTea with George