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Webflow Design

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UI/UX Design

Funnel Design

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About The Company

Veritas Protection Group is a boutique private protection firm serving Virginia, Washington, D.C.

At Veritas Protection Group, we offer protection services ranging from executive protection, estate protection, events, and more.

Veritas Protection Group was founded based on putting our clients at the center of our mission. Being a smaller company ensures that our clients are entirely cared for and, satisfied, protected.

Our company takes pride in doing the right thing by giving our clients all the options regarding their safety; then, we inform the client of the best solution.

Our team comprises a wide variety of protection experience from federal law enforcement to local law enforcement and military veterans. This staff allows us to bring vast experience to our team, separating us from larger companies.

The Brief



Veritas Protection Group wanted to make sure that its branding and logo design are top notch, so it can attract new clients and keep its existing ones.

The company believes that good branding allows it to differentiate itself from the competition, provides a sense of credibility for potential customers, and builds trust.
To create an effective brand strategy, Creative Labs needs to understand who its target market is. From there, the team developed marketing goals and objectives with specific targets in mind for Veritas Protection Group.
We also created messaging guidelines for all aspects of their marketing efforts (including website content, social media posts, email campaigns), as well as identifying key channels through which they want their message to reach people (such as print advertising or radio ads). Once these strategic planning steps were complete, the Creative Labs Team began designing a cohesive brand image for Veritas Protection Group.

This includes creating color palettes and developing typography that reflects the tone of the company's overall identity. In addition to visual elements like logos and graphics files; sound effects may also be used during webinars or other video content designed specifically for brands.

Stationary & Social Media

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Veritas Protection Private Security, a leading provider of Private security solutions for the government and critical infrastructure sectors, needed a new user interface (UI) to help streamline their operations. The Veritas team collaborated with us to create an intuitive and easy-to-use UI that would improve page-speed and efficiency across all departments. Our team worked diligently to ensure that the entire project was visually consistent and optimized for speed. We took into account each unique needs while still maintaining a unified design style. Our efforts paid off - Veritas' new UI has improved page-speed performance while reducing overall costs. Their goal was to create a user interface that was easy to navigate and visually appealing, while also being secure and efficient.

By following these principles, they were able to create an intuitive experience that helps users stay informed about their security status, make changes to their settings, and more.
Some key features of this UI/UI design include:

  • A sleek grid layout designed for maximum visual appeal
  • Consistent use of typography throughout the interface
  • Easy access to important information through clear icons and labels.


Lo-Fi Design

Veritas ProtectionVeritas ProtectionVeritas Protection

Hi-Fi Design

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Veritas ProtectionVeritas ProtectionVeritas Protection